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What is BMLoyalty Program?

BMLoyaltyis a loyalty program, it allows BML cardholders to accumulate points and redeem them for exciting rewards like merchandise items or travel rewards . These points can be directly redeemed from this website. So the more you shop the more you will be rewarded with more shopping .

Is there any fee to participate in this program?

No. There is no fee. You will be automatically enrolled into the program.Enrollment to our loyalty program is free and automatic to all debit / credit card holders within the program.

How can I access BML Bank Loyalty Program website page?

Our website page is accessible through, or from a shortcut in our website where you can log in to your loyalty program account by using your mobile number or email address as a username and a PIN code as a password. A PIN Code will be sent to you by SMS by BML Bank. Upon first log in, you shall change the PIN Code sent to you and use it to log in later on.

What happens if I lose my PIN code?

If you lose your PIN code, access the website click on Forgot your PIN, select your country “Lebanon”, enter your Mobile Number and we will send you a new PIN code through SMS.

How do I earn points?

Simply by using your BML Debit or Credit Card for all your transactions. For every transaction done on any POS Point of Sales, be it big or small, you can accumulate Points. Use it in supermarkets, in department stores, while traveling, for buying your air tickets and all your other daily purchases.

The more you use your BML Debit or Credit Card, the faster you can accumulate Points. So just keep using your BML Debit or Credit Card instead of paying by cash or any other credit card and start earning Points faster.

What types of transactions are eligible for earning points?

You can earn points everywhere on all local/ international POS and E-Commerce transactions performed using your BML Bank credit card under the program. In addition, you can accelerate your point accumulation process by earning additional points at

selected merchants as per our website and during specific promotional campaigns throughout the year. However, you will not earn points on casino, balance transfer, interest charges, returned purchases, cash advances, cash advance fees, late fees, over limit fees, annual membership fees, returned cheque fees, payments and disputed & fraudulent transactions.

How are the points calculated?

Every Amount spent on your BML Debit or Credit Card gets you a Point. For example if you spend $100, you will receive:

Points Earned

Card Type


BML Visa Signature Credit Card


BML Visa Infinite Credit Card


BML MasterCard Classic Credit Card


BML MasterCard Titanium Credit Card


BML MasterCard Platinum Credit Card


BML MasterCard Platinum Debit Card


BML Visa Classic Debit Card


BML Visa Platinum Debit Card

How long does it take to have the points credited to my account?

You can view your points 4 to 5 working days subsequent to your performed transaction

Where can I view the rewards and how many points do I have to accumulate per reward?

An SMS will be sent to you upon your transaction it will show you accumulated balance. Also, upon logging into loyalty program account, you can view a reward catalogue with respective value of points per reward and from BML Travel you can view unlimited travel options from different global airlines, hotels, and car rental agents at different mile values

Which points out of my total point balance are redeemable?

 All earned and accumulated points under your loyalty account are redeemable for rewards from our reward catalogue and/ or from BML Travel

How can I redeem my points?

We offer you a very friendly and easy redemption process, which can be done online on your loyalty program account page. In case you don’t have enough points to redeem them for a specific item, you can choose to keep your points and further use your card(s) to add more points to your account. Remember, accumulating points is simple: 1 point will be added to your account for every 1$ spent using one of BML’s debit &/or credit cards. 

Is there a time limit to redeem my points?

Yes, BMLoyalty program is valid for up to 3 years. During this period you can accumulate and redeem points whenever you want. At the program closing date, you will be notified in advance. You will then have 90 days from the termination date to redeem all your accumulated points. After this period, unused points will expire automatically.

Can I have my redeemed reward delivered to any address I provide?

We do offer delivery service. Upon redeeming your points & selecting the desired item, enter your full address & the item will be sent to your door step. Delivery charges will apply.

What is BML Travel?

It is a distinguished service we offer, where you can redeem your miles for travel on real time basis. Just specify your travel details and you can redeem your miles with unlimited number of options from global airlines, hotel operators and car rental agents. BML Travel is a search engine that searches the web for all possible deals so you can select what suits you best

Do I accumulate points on all my main and supplementary debit &/or credit cards under one account?

All your eligible debit &/or credit cards under the program will accumulate points in one basket

If you have one single If I cancel my debit &/ or credit cards with BML Bank, will I be able to redeem my accumulated point balance?

If you have one single card and you cancel it and close the card account, no further points will be earned. You can redeem any remaining points within 30 days of the date of card or account cancellation. After that date, the accumulated points will expire.

If you have more than one card from the Bank, voluntarily you cancel any card, and you keep at least one card active, you will continue earning points.

Can I transfer my points to other BML Bank card holders?

You can transfer your points through our loyalty program website page to any BML Bank card holder under the loyalty program. The transfer will be subject to a transfer fee equivalent to 5% of the amount transferred.