How To Earn Points

With BMLoyalty Program you can earn BML Points every step of the way. You will earn points while using your debit and credit card. So the more you bank with BML, the more you earn! Below is the list of the current banking activities on which you can earn BML Points every time you use them in supermarkets, department stores, gas stations, travel...etc. And then once you have collected enough points, you can redeem them for exciting rewards like merchandise items or travel rewards directly on this website.

Card Type USD Spent Points Earned
VISA SIGNATURE (Credit) $1.00 1
VISA INFINITE (Credit) $1.00 1
MC CLASSIC (Credit) $1.50 1
MC TITANIUM (Credit) $1.00 1
MC PLATINUM (Credit) $1.00 1
MC PLATINUM (Debit) $1.00 1
VISA CLASSIC (Debit) $1.50 1
VISA PLATINUM (Debit) $1.00 1